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Oracle Blue is a collective drawing from elements of Neo-Soul, R&B and #BAM.  Bandleaders Liz Kelley and Zach Douglas draw from a wide range of musicians while touring, creating a different soundscape each night of original compositions and arrangements.  Their album Gilded Kingdoms (2018) is available on all streaming platforms, and is comprised of original works, as well as two reimagined jazz standards.


Though the official start of the band was in 2017, many of the members began performing together as university classmates in 2013.  As students they received a DownBeat Student Music Award for an Outstanding Performance in the Blues/Pop/Rock Group category, and embarked on a European tour with performances at Montreux, Umbria and Vienne jazz festivals.


In February of 2018 Oracle Blue was selected via contest to open for five-time GRAMMY Award-winning Lalah Hathaway.  Oracle Blue performed opening sets at the Knight Theatre at the Levine Center of the Arts (Charlotte, NC) and at the Cone Denim Entertainment Center (Greensboro, NC) as part of Lalah Hathaway's "Honestly" album release tour.


Recently relocated to Nashville, TN, the group spends an average of 20 days per month on the road.  During their time at home, they can be found performing a residency slot at Rudy’s Jazz Room, or in their home studio writing and recording new ideas.


The                             Bandleaders

Liz Kelley

Vocalist, guitarist, producer and music technologist, Liz Kelley is often found wearing many hats.  Most of her time is spent managing and touring as the front-person with Oracle Blue, but she has further expanded her horizons upon moving to Nashville, TN.  Her recent work includes remote recording in her home studio, volunteer composition for a neuroscience firm, and sound design in generative music technology.   She has released five albums between her projects, and has appeared as a guest with a countless number of other artists.  Though most guest appearances are recorded with her personal recording setup, she has been hired for sessions in Brooklyn, NY, and at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN.  Notable performances include Montreux, Vienne, and Umbria Jazz Festivals, multiple opening performances for Lalah Hathaway, and a performance on a NAMM Artist Stage.  Ms. Kelley has also supported artists such as Victor Wooten, Becca Stevens, and Steve Bailey.  

Her work in music technology recently expanded from producing to freelance work with companies on the forefront of emerging media.  Notable collaborations include an endorsement from cutting-edge microphone design company Aston, sound design for a generative music technology firm specializing in artificial intelligence composition, and work as a composer for Neuroscape, a neuroscience firm which specializes in FDA-approved prescription video games.

As a performer, teacher, producer or technologist, Ms. Kelley creates with the hope that her work will one day help others.



Zach Douglas is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer/arranger, and playback engineer in Nashville, TN.  Douglas began his career in the classical world as Third/Associate Principal Trumpet with the Hendersonville Symphony and the Brevard Philharmonic, but has recently expanded his work to include sound design, generative music technology, and live production.  Somewhere between real-time trumpet harmonization and processing via Ableton Live, tracking as a session musician, or providing captivating live playback engineering for various artists, he finds his home.  

Accolades include a DownBeat SMA, an award-winning performance with The International Trumpet Guild, an endorsement from Aston Microphones, multiple opening performances for Lalah Hathaway, and sharing the stage with artists such as Victor Wooten, Howard Levy, Becca Stevens, MonoNeon, Hootie and the Blowfish, The Drifters, Chairmen of the Board, and countless others.  A founding member of Oracle Blue, he can most often be found on the road combining a sensibility for #BAM with the ever-evolving world of electronic music.

The                          Collective



Ian Strobino has been playing drums since he was around 5 years old.  By middle school, he was playing shows in the Greater Boston area, and regional and national music festivals by high school.  He attended UMASS Amherst for two years before moving to Nashville in 2017, where he won a Downbeat student award as a part of their Vocal Jazz Ensemble.  Since his move to Nashville, he has worked with nationally touring artists including the Broomestix, the Willies, Cosmic Collective, and countless others. When not playing drums, he enjoys playing chess, basketball, and eating Little Caesars.

J.P. taylor

JP Taylor began studying music in the 4th grade.  (Fun fact, JP and Zach have been playing together since around then!)  He attended UNC Greensboro and Coastal Carolina University where he graduated with a music performance degree.  He plays piano, flute, trumpet, has a smooth ole singing voice that he sometimes spits through the talkbox, and (best of all) plays the flumpet.  JP’s favorite genres of music are Jazz, R&B, and Hip Hop.  

Most days you will likely find JP wearing flip-flops as he believes vehemently that closed-toed shoes are “foot prisons.”



Mckinley Devilbiss has been playing bass for around 15 years.  He recently graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a Masters in Music Technology.  Though his primary instrument in Oracle Blue is bass, McKinley will sometimes hop over to electric guitar to play/sing one of his original compositions with the band.   His favorite styles to play are Reggae, Rock, Funk, and Jazz.

McKinley probably watches Spongebob a little bit too much, which may or may not fuel his jokes that slip out between songs at concerts.  

Wade Mcmillan

Wade has been playing percussion since the age of 12 and continued his education at Coastal Carolina University.  He has been a professional touring drummer for the past three years, performing anything from country music to hybrid electro-soul.  Wade enjoys practicing, surfing, cooking, and playing music with friends.

Literally and figuratively speaking, Wade McMillan is a man who wears many hats.  In his younger years ("younger" in this case meaning "much, much younger") he enjoyed the art of shag dancing, occasionally entering competitions.  He is also a master at table tennis.

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